A Recruiters Perspective: First Impressions may determine your future…


As we all know, first impressions are critical, especially for candidates working with an agency. It is crucial to highlight that we are presenting not only your background/skill sets to our clients but specifically YOU. It is imperative that the entire process run smoothly from the initial meeting, with a recruiter, to the final stages and it all begins with your First Interaction. You are probably wondering at this very moment, “how do I make a prominent first impression?”

3 Key Elements when meeting a Recruiter for the first time:

  • Look Presentable – Leave the ripped jeans and cropped tops behind and dress to impress. There is nothing worse than showing up to a meeting unprepared. Ultimately, you want to look put together so we can see how you would present yourself in a professional setting.
  • Be in the Moment – How?
    • Part ways with Technology – Imagine you’re in the middle of answering a question, and your phone starts vibrating on the table…what a distraction. It is imperative to be present during a meeting so you can let the recruiter know they have your undivided attention.
    • Show Eye Contact – Are you the one who looks out the window at the bird sitting on the tree? Or Do you ever stare at a random spot on the wall during an interview? This is probably the last thing you want to do. The goal is for us to present you to our client and represent the best version of yourself, so you will want to provide eye contact and be confident in your responses which will make us feel more comfortable to present you.
    • Use appropriate body language – Be respectful, you will want to sit straight with a strong posture.
  • Show Enthusiasm – This will be the ultimate factor on how memorable you are. Act interested and ask questions. This proves that you are serious about the process and it will entice the recruiter/interviewer to find you that perfect opportunity.

Lastly, be confident and straight forward, don’t ramble on or talk about how your fathers’ cousins brother broke his leg a week before. Clearly state what you can do – if you know how to do the work, you should know how to explain it with confidence. At the end of the day, we are your foot in the door, and client’s trust us to send them qualified candidates so be sure to stay focused, be yourself, and act accordingly. This will guarantee a lasting Impression and most importantly it will lead to landing that dream job you have been aspiring for.



Gila Mann, Recruitment Consultant


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