Job Search Tips During Uncertain Times


In these uncertain times, job searching may seem difficult as you don’t know what industries will be hiring in the next coming months.  Additionally, there are less opportunities to gain information about organizations via set of informational interviews. However, you can continue to learn new information about the organizations by attending webinars or virtual hangouts with industry professionals. For more insightful tips on how to practice your online interview skills and be successful, check out our previous blog post.



Maximize your job search is by exploring and researching different organizations that spark your interests and areas of expertise.  Organizations may hire in the future for a role that you are interested in, therefore by researching the organization thoroughly you can gain leverage during the interview process.  On that note, you should also take this time to build and update your resume so that it is ready for your next job application. For valuable advice on how to build a presentable resume, check out our blog post linked below.



Some Tips to help you during the job search process:

  • Recruiters are your best resource during this time, as they have the industry knowledge on companies affected. They can suggest current opportunities that you may not be aware off or share new opportunities as the market opens.
  • The hard part of any job search is the waiting period, stay optimistic during the process. Be prepared to wait longer than usual to hear back from companies. Companies continue to create a pipeline of candidates to contact once they resume business as normal.
  • Be open to contract roles. Companies may look to hire contractors while they bounce back as the hiring process is usually faster. If you are successful in the role, companies can potentially hire you as a permanent employee down the road.
  • LinkedIn is a very useful resource; it allows you to connect with industry professionals or other like-minded individuals. If you don’t have LinkedIn this is the time to prepare your profile.


Some tips for building a good LinkedIn profile are:

  • use a professional headshot.
  • Write a bio that highlights your experience and your career goals.
  • Provide as much detail about any previous roles you have held.


Making your profile available with proper details, may attract recruiter’s attention and bring forth additional new opportunities to jumpstart your search.



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