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We specialize in recruiting top talent for employers in Canada.

Services and Specialties

Based in Ontario, MTS Serves Companies Across Canada

At MTS, our focus is bringing on board people who will contribute to your company’s growth while effectively meeting your immediate needs. We are more than an engineering contract recruitment agency. MTS also specializes in the construction, manufacturing, and architecture industries. We focus on direct hire and additionally offer contract, temp-to-hire, executive recruitment, and payrolling options to make MTS a comprehensive recruitment solution for employers. Engaging us means partnering with a recruiting agency that delivers staff and facilitates success. If your firm is searching for top-tier talent, your search ends with MTS.

Temporary and Contract Services

Placing Highly Skilled Contract Talent

Successful projects require an adaptable team equipped with diverse skills. Our construction, manufacturing, architecture, and engineering contract recruitment services, based in Ontario, cater directly to this demand. We source and place highly skilled contractual engineering professionals, and more, who inject the exact expertise needed when your projects demand it, bolster efficiency, and accelerate timelines.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

Leverage Flexibility With Professional Rigor

At MTS, we know that engineering needs can change and having a trial period can be beneficial. Our temp-to-hire services let firms try out candidates in actual work situations before making a lasting hiring decision. This way, you can be sure your new hire fits well with your team and project goals.
Direct Hire Staffing Services

Seamless Attraction of Permanent Talent

When your firm requires high-caliber, permanent talent, our direct-hire staffing services come into play. We leverage our deep industry connections, extensive candidate database, and meticulous recruitment processes to fill your permanent positions with individuals who have the requisite skills and share your long-term objectives and vision.
Executive Search Services

Find Top Leaders for Your Company with Our Executive Search Services

Elevate your leadership with our executive search. MTS excels in connecting you with senior-level talent and strategically scouting for individuals with the vision and expertise necessary to drive your business forward. We help you hire people who can take your business to the next level.
Payrolling Services

Our Payrolling Service Makes Handling Payroll Easy

Mitigate administrative burdens with our comprehensive payrolling services. Outsource the complexities of payroll management, including tax withholding and compliance, to MTS to streamline your operations and reduce overhead costs. Let us deal with the taxes and paperwork so you can focus on your business.

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